The company has been engaged, in the long term, in scientific and research activities covering almost all aspects of cereal production and particularly the following fields:

  • Research on crop management practices
  • Study of diseases and development of complex systems of plant protection
  • Study of canopy structure of field crops
  • Cereal growing guidelines
  • Research on genetic and breeding methods for cereal crops
  • Study and development of new genetic resources
  • Research on grain quality parameters
  • Information systems


  • Current projects
  • Terminated projects

When conducting research projects, researchers of the company cooperate with a large number of Czech and foreign research and breeding institutions, participate in home and international conferences and workshops, publish results of their work in specialized journals, provide them also to specialists community in the form of presentations and professional consultations.

A significant milestone in the activity of the company was privatization. Consequences of the privatization have considerably influenced the activity, results, character, equipment, objectives and specialization of individual departments.

The extent and objectives of the research activity depend particularly on the success in public tenders organized by:

  • Ministry of Agriculture of the CR / National Agency for Agricultural Research
  • Czech Science Foundation
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR  

The research activity in the Agrotest Fyto, s.r.o., is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR – a national institutional research plan.

The research work is associated with other relevant activities that contribute to introduction of research outcomes into practice and form sources for renovation and development of the company and fulfilment of accepted commitments.


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