About us

  • Management of the Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Ltd.  
  • Scientific Board investigate outcomes of research activities at regular annual sessions  
  • Quality policy and objectives of the Quality Control System are focused on continuous increasing the quality of services provided  
  • Company deeds – excerpt from the Commercial Register, trading licenses, VAT certificate 
  • Certificates - ISO 9001, 14001, EPPO GEP, accredited laboratory, advisory services  
  • Trade marks registered at the Industrial Property Office  

Research, breeding, testing and experimentation are conducted by the departments:

  • Department of Plant Protection and Agronomy is engaged in the research on plant protection against diseases and weeds in cereals, sugar beet, oilseed rape, maize and testing (EPPO GEP).
  • Department of Genetics and Breeding is focused on the research in the field of genetics and breeding, study and conservation of the collection of cereal genetic resources, and the research and development of new genetic resources and lines of cereals for further applied research and breeding use.
  • Department of Grain Quality is specialized in the research on cereal production quality, analyses and evaluation of grain quality, soil and plant analyses.
    The department runs an accredited laboratory (ISO 17025).

Subsidiary companies:

  • Agrotest fyto, s.r.o., is a specialized scientific-research and testing organization. It conducts an institutional research plan.  
  • Agrotrial, s.r.o., is engaged in agricultural primary production and provides services for research, breeding, testing and experimental work.  

Soil and climatic conditions of the site:

  • Climatic region: warm, slightly humid
  • Production region: sugarbeet  
  • Soil type and texture: Luvi-haplic Chernozem, medium heavy
  • Elevation above sea level: 195-250 m
  • Mean annual temperature for the period 1971-2000: 9.1 °C (earlier 8.7 °C)
  • Mean annual precipitation for the period 1971-2000: 567.7 mm (earlier 599 mm)
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