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Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Ltd.

The Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Ltd., (Zemědělský výzkumný ústav Kroměříž, s.r.o.) is an institution of applied research in the agricultural sector. It is engaged particularly in scientific and research activities, breeding cereal crops, testing and advisory services in agriculture. The company has been continuing activities of the former Cereal Research Institute Kroměříž and developing the tradition of agricultural research in Kroměříž dating back to 1951.

  • Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Ltd., is focused on conducting specialized research projects, breeding, authorized testing (GEP), providing advisory services and ensuring infrastructure and services.
    It is a participant in the Research Centre 1M0570 for Study of Active Compounds in Barley and Hops.
    The company is a member of the Association of Research Organizations (ARO), develops an extensive cooperation with a number of important home and foreign specialized institutions.
  • Agrotest Fyto, s.r.o., is a research organization according to the EC Framework, which is engaged particularly in research.
    It has Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1463 (ISO 17025).
    It conducts institutional research plan MSM2532885901 Optimization of sustainability factors of crop production based on the development of genetic and breeding, diagnostic and decision-making methods.
    It conducts specialized projects of research and other projects.
  • Agrotrial, s.r.o., is focused on providing high-quality conditions for agricultural research, breeding, testing and experimentation. It runs agricultural primary production aiming at high-quality and intensive arable farming. Its objective is to eliminate undesirable effects in the fields for testing and experimentation.

The company cooperates with a number of significant scientific, research and breeding institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. Over a recent period, it has become a productive research, breeding, testing and advisory workplace particularly due to high-quality specialized activities of professional teams, use of available latest technology, equipment modernization, introduction of the system of quality and environment control, compliance with standards for good experimental practice and meeting requirements for accreditation of laboratories.

(c) Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Ltd., (Zemědělský výzkumný ústav Kroměříž, s.r.o.) Havlíčkova 2787/121, CZ-767 01 Kroměříž, Czech Republic. The company is registered at the Regional Court in Brno, File Mark: C. 6094, Entry Date: 10 July 1992, Company Registration No.: 46904841, VAT No.: CZ 46904841

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